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Testimonials – Written

Anxiety Testimonials – Written


David came to see me for anxiety and an annoying cough:

I contacted Powys Hypnosis via Twitter following many years of dealing with random and sporadic anxiety attacks.  I had already tried to tackle these issues via conventional and complementary treatments but the attacks persisted.

As I live in South Shropshire I visited their clinic in Shrewsbury, which is conveniently located at the Serenity wellness centre in the town centre.  The environment is perfect for hypnotherapy sessions as the clinic is housed in a converted church and there is an inherent atmosphere of peace and tranquillity about the place.

My therapy was spaced over three sessions and was conducted in a highly professional but still intuitive and thoughtful manner.  The process was relaxing, painless and I never once felt out of control. Following three very different sessions I now feel much more in control and able to deal with the issues that sparked the anxiety attacks in a rational way. I also know that if the attacks return I can go back for another session.

Don’t confuse hypnotherapy with the antics of stage hypnotists – this is a treatment that allows you to tap into your own subconscious and directly access the root cause of any issues you may have.

Highly recommended.

Memory loss, depression and weight loss

I first went to see Phil about memory loss. I’d had an accident about a month before falling out of a window and I was knocked unconscious, so I couldn’t remember how it had happened. I went to see Phil, and although this was something Phil had never really tried before, after my first session certain memories came back. I was so thrilled with how effective hypnosis worked on me, I went back to see phil the very next day for help with my depression. Again, Phil’s hypnosis worked wonders and even immediately after I felt much calmer and happier within myself. No surprise, I was back in Phil’s hypnosis chair again a few days later to see if he could help me with my weight loss. He made me feel almost sick at the thought of foods like cakes, biscuits, chocolate and crisps and when I came home and looked in the cupboards I threw away everything that I didn’t need to eat. It is a very promising start to weight loss, and Phil even gave me a 4 week weight loss plan to help me figure out the certain bad foods that were making me gain weight. I would like to thank Phil for making me an all round, happier, calmer (and soon, slimmer!) person. I would recommend Phil to anyone with any psychological problem.
– Georgia September 2012

Help with: Deeper Sleep, Relaxation and Positive Thinking for Anxiety and Depression

I found Phil to be one of the most inspirational and genuine people I have met, having a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our sessions were always carried out in a professional, non-judgemental way and were relaxed and tailored to my individual needs and I in fact didn’t need as many sessions as I had anticipated. I crashed from the NHS with “overload”, trying to balance too many different jobs and tasks – leaving me with anxiety, leading to depression and difficulty relaxing. I wanted another strategy to use other than medication – anti-depressant medication taking a couple of weeks to get into the system. Sadly, hypnotherapy is not readily available on the NHS and is certainly not I believe considered as a first-line treatment by medical professionals, not being science-based presumably; although I think if it works we do not necessarily need to understand why. I learnt so much from Phil that I can use and take forward for a more fulfilling life – getting the work-life balance right second time round and I have been inspired enough by him to want to help others in a similar situation, in the future. There are many alternative therapies out there, many based on relaxation and breathing techniques; I think hypnosis is a good technique that everyone can use on themselves, with a bit of teaching. Unlike dreams, that mostly seem to be negative and can make no sense (perhaps a way of the brain relieving itself of clutter and organising information after a hard day – a bit like a computer having a “defrag”), with hypnosis it is all POSITIVE (negative thoughts not coming into the subconscious). Phil can also show you how EFT (“tapping”) therapy works, which is something that people can easily do on themselves – which can be referred to as “acupuncture without needles” – I think this would be particularly good for extreme phobias too. Regression therapy is also an interesting element of hypnosis that would be good to explore. I found the whole experience both useful and enjoyable and from what I experienced and learnt: I would recommend hypnosis to anyone – I just wish I had found Phil sooner!

With best regards DRJ (from Shrewsbury) July 2012

Driving test nerves:

Hello Phil, I took another driving test today but unfortunately I failed it, only by a whisker. I had no minor driving faults at all (you’re allowed 15 and can still pass), but there was a problem to do with my decision going onto a mini roundabout, but really this is secondary. I was slightly crest-fallen, but really not downcast at all. I will just book another test and try again. I’ve been practising my EFT routine and it has really paid off. I was confident about my driving, as I still am, and confident that I would do my best, which I did, and only very slightly apprehensive about my reaction should I fail, but I’m amazed. When I took my test in January I was so frightened of failing, and justifyably, I completetly fell apart. I was in despair when I came to see you, about a lot of things, and seeing you has helped me in pretty much every aspect of my life. There’s no avoiding the pitfalls of life, but I feel confident in my ability to cope with them now, which had completely broken down. I hope it doesn’t sound insulting when I say I don’t know how you did it, the techniques you empoly are so subtle, but so incredibly effective. I simply can’t thank you enough. I’ll let you know when I take my next test, and I hope for a better outcome next time. I will continue with my EFT routine however. Thanks again, and take care.

Kind regards,


“When I first approached Phil at Powys Hypnosis I was very ill with depression. I had just been released from a psychiatric ward and was still receiving daily visits from psychiatric nurses. I was struggling with almost constant suicidal thoughts. My self-esteem and motivation was very low, to such an extent that on many days it was even too difficult for me to showers and shave.  To make matters worse, I had to cope with the prospect of my employer ending my career by retiring me on an ill health pension.

It is hard to adequately describe my appreciation for how Phil has helped me overcome my depression. Family members have described what Phil did for me as being a miracle!  My suicidal thoughts have now been cast aside, and my self-esteem and motivation have returned.  I now have an outlook that has enabled me to accept the potential change in my career as an opportunity, rather than something to be feared.  I highly recommend that anyone suffering from depression contacts Phil for his help and assistance.”

Relieve Anxiety, Depression or Sadness

“I found Phil through the local newspaper. My problem was that I suffered from overwhelming sadness. I felt depressed, tearful, hopeless, heavy and burdened, at rock bottom. After several sessions with Phil I now feel released, light, happy, emotionally stable and looking forward to the future. He helped me with counselling, EFT and hypnosis. Phil is an absolute professional, I felt very safe and able to say anything without fear of judgment.”
– TN

“Its Marian Davies, Rhian’ mum. I just want to say a big big thank you for all the help and support that you have given Rhian on her three sessions with you. I can honestly say that you have made a monumental difference to her problem of shyness and social anxiety. 0n the day she went to Uni, she showed no anxiety whatsoever and when we arrived there, she marched straight up to reception to register.

She has bought things in shops without any sign of nervousness, and has made several friends in Uni, been out socialising every night, encouraged a girl who seemed very shy to go out with her crowd and what has really astounded us – has volunteered to do a talk in the local high school on her course!!!!!. This must be the equivalent of a person with a phobia of heights doing a bungi jump!!! She can now make eye contact with people and has said in an e-mail that she is so happy now that she feels so confident. We have given her your home address as she wants to send a card to let you know hows she getting on.

0nce again, thank you so much, you have made a huge difference to Rhian and us as a family. We will be highly recommending you to anyone we come across with similar problems or phobias etc.

Kind regards,
Marian and Ken Davies

“I’m so glad that mum saw your advert in the paper. I don’t know what I would have done without your help! When I came for my first session you made me feel so at ease that I just knew that you’d be able to sort out my problems for me. Before I came to see you I was having panic attacks everyday and I couldn’t stop thinking about when the next one was going to come. I was crippled with anxiety and couldn’t stop worrying about anything and everything. I didn’t even feel like I could get up in the morning and I had no motivation, hardly any confidence and low self esteem. Now I feel like a different person, my confidence and self esteem have shot up dramatically. I feel so much more calm and relaxed from hypnosis and EFT. I don’t feel panicky anymore, and I feel like I can finally cope now. I have finally let go of the bad things in my past and I’m finally moving forwards in my life after your amazing help. Thank you so much for everything”.
– Hannah

“I just want to thank you for helping my daughter Hannah with her problems. I couldn’t get over the result of the hypnosis. When I saw her straight after her last session I could see the change in her face and eyes, she looked happy and so peaceful. It has astounded me. Thank you so much”.
– Hannah’s Mum

Finding Life Difficult

– a special mention for Debbie

“I am writing to your letters page to publicly and sincerely thank Mr Phil Collins for in my words ‘saving my life’. Phil you are a professionally dedicated man who has perfected every aspect of your profession so meticulously that I regard you as a ‘miracle worker’. I have an amazing wonderful future ahead of me now thanks to your dedicated expertise. Thank you so very much for all the time you have spent helping me. Thank you. Mr Phil Collins is a hypnotherapist and months ago I read an article on Mr Collins in the County Times about helping people to stop smoking with one session of hypnosis. At the time my life was desperately unbearable, I had become unable to function and my days had become unbearable, I was severely unhappy, morbidly obese, physically and mentally unwell, agoraphobic, anxious, depressed and panicky. My life had no meaning and was over as far as I was concerned. I saw the article on Phil and it was the first time I had shown interest in anything for a very long time. I found the courage to phone the number given in the article (if he could do that for smokers, surely he could help me). A ladies friendly voice greeted me and through my panic I was able to enquire about prices. She took my contact number and if it wasn’t for Mr Collins calling me later and making me feel very safe and at ease with a soothing caring voice, I would never have taken the next step of going to see him. Mr Collins genuinely wanted to help me and over the following months with counselling, NLP, EFT, hypnosis, genuine care and dedication Mr Collins has helped me to work through my problems, face my fears, let go of guilt and attitude and re-programme my thinking and beliefs. It hasn’t been a quick fix and I have worked very hard. I still have a way to go but I am 100% confident that I will maintain my new thinking and behaviour. I feel I’ve been given the opportunity to move on from my destructive past, my outlook and attitude is positive. Thank you Phil”

More from Debbie:

“After spending a long time seeing Phil (see testimonial number 1 from Debbie) I noticed a lot of things changing for me, however the one thing I never seemed to get to the bottom of was my obesity and eating problems, as far as I was concerned it was going to be a problem that would stay with me forever, not even Phil could help me… Phil had counselled me, hypnotized me, done EFT and parts therapy with me, but nothing seemed to help me eat responsibly… The last time I saw Phil, he changed his approach again, but I didn’t see this one coming, he spoke to me about perfection!!

And what do you know, over the next months I started to accept that I’m not perfect, and just because I eat too much and the wrong food one day doesn’t mean I’m a total failure and have to carry on eating that way because there’s no going back, it just means I’ve had one pig out day, or one bad day, or one stressed day, or one hormonal day, or whatever we women like to call it, and tomorrow won’t be the same.

I always saw losing weight as dieting, and constantly worrying about food and what I did or didn’t eat, weighing myself constantly, and being perfect, even if that meant starving myself. However over the last few months something different has happened and my eating is slipping into a different pattern all of its own accord. I am watching what I eat as in healthy options, rather than starving myself and then gorging myself, and I have time off at the weekend, and don’t regard it as failure any more. And it’s all just happening!!! Or is it??!!

It has been continuously working towards just happening with all the help Phil has been giving me. And now 2 and half stone lost weight and no signs of relapse means yep its happening. thanks Phil, you are my hero…..”
– Debs

“I also had an appointment with phil to address the issue of smoking. At the time I smoked between 30 and 40 cigs a day. I couldn’t laugh without coughing up cigs, I couldn’t get up in the morning without coughing up cigs, I had smoked for 20years and had at no point ever tried to give up, all I knew was I could barely go half an hour without lighting up a cig.

I went into my appointment after having one last cig, and I came out as a non smoker with no cigs (I do believe Phil makes money on the side selling all the cigs he takes from us!!!!) I followed all the rules that Phil gave me and after one month or so of discomfort at the changes rather than difficulty, I really can say that I felt like I had never been a smoker…

That was on the 4th July 2007, and yes I have just reached one year without cigs, and I feel fantastic, my lungs are very healthy, and my bank balance has never been so well off… I recommend Phil and his hypnotic powers to everyone who coughs or blows smoke my way now… Best thing I ever did was let Phil take my cigs from me…….”
– Debs

Overcome Phobias

“I was given one of Mr Collins’ leaflets and business card. My problem was that I had a fear of snakes and of people touching my neck. I couldn’t even watch a snake on TV and I was having nightmares about snakes. In addition, no one could touch my neck, if anyone tried I would pull away, even my partner could not touch my neck. If someone did try to touch my neck I would get a claustrophobic feeling. My work involves me going into people’s houses and I dread the thought that there might be a snake in there as I would panic and run out, which is not very professional.

During the first session we worked on my problem with my neck. Phil used EFT and within 20 minutes I was able to let Mr Collins touch my neck, amazing. I told my family that evening and they could not believe it and my partner tested it out and found that he could touch my neck without me pulling away. In the second session, Phil asked if the neck problem had disappeared and I told him that it had. He used Part’s Therapy in this session. I discovered through being regressed to a past life that my snake phobia had come from a previous life where I was a 13 year old boy and a snake had attacked me whilst I walked through some woods. The snake scratched my neck with its fangs. At the end of the session I felt confident that my phobia had gone. To test this Phil arranged a meeting the following day at a local pet shop, in which was a large snake. When we arrived at the pet shop we walked straight in (something I would never have done in the past) and went up to the snake. Within minutes I was touching the glass case where the snake was – absolutely amazing. I am now able to watch snakes on TV and no longer have nightmares. Mr Collins was easy to talk to; he explained everything and answered all of my questions. I never thought that I would be rid of my phobia but with his help I know that it’s gone forever. I have recommended Phil to my friends who have problems.”
– Ann


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